Speaking Engagements:

  • Thought Leader Talk, ┬áToronto, Canada (December 16, 2023)
  • Bedtalks Podcast, Online (January 04, 2024)
  • The Wellness Driven Life Show, Podcast (January 10, 2024)
  • Biz TV, Interview (Release in 2024)

Morgan Englund now stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. His unique journey from the glitz of Hollywood to the frontlines of first response has equipped him with the wisdom to speak about the human condition in a way that few others can. With a powerful voice and a heartfelt message, Morgan seeks to remind us all that, in the face of adversity and hardship, it is kindness that has the power to heal, to unite, and to uplift. In a world where compassion often feels in short supply, Morgan's story serves as a poignant reminder that one individual's journey can inspire us all to be better, to be kinder, and to forge connections that transcend the boundaries of our differences.